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Pastoral Training


Pastoral Training

CANOPI hosted its first informal “leaders advance” in Pilon de Pavones in May of 2016 – an evening of food, fellowship and worship. In that meeting, pastors overwhelmingly voiced there requests to continue gathering in unity and to be discipled in the ministry of the Spirit. Since then, we’ve prioritized these training conferences, which quickly outgrew our humble location in the south. Our more spacious and centralized location in Heredia, at Iglesia Casa de Oración, has been home to numerous pastors conferences since 2018.


As we expand into other nations, the Holy Spirit has birthed in our hearts a new strategy. Our intention is to replace the traditional conference model with one which would yield greater and more lasting fruit.

Dividing a major city¹ geographically into four regions — such as north, south, east and west — a Kingdom-minded pastor from within each region is identified. Each pastor, referred to as a “connecting pastor,” then takes responsibility for identifying 6-12 more pastors within his/her region, referred to as “responding pastors.” Hence, a total of 24-50 Kingdom-minded pastors are strategically identified within the city.

Major City¹ or Area

Region 1
1 Connecting pastor
10-12 Responding pastors
Region 2
1 Connecting pastor
10-12 Responding pastors
Region 3
1 Connecting pastor
10-12 Responding pastors
Region 4
1 Connecting pastor
10-12 Responding pastors

During our week-long visit to that city¹, we hold four consecutive meeting nights, one in each region, to which the responding pastors of that region are invited, along with their spouses. Each meeting night occurs in the home of the connecting pastor² and includes fellowship, sharing a meal³, worship, training and vision-casting. The week ends with a Saturday gathering of all the pastors and their spouses from all the regions, and includes sharing a meal³, worship, training and vision-casting.

Typical Schedule

  • Tuesday evening, region 1 meeting
  • Wednesday evening, region 2 meeting
  • Thursday evening, region 3 meeting
  • Friday evening, region 4 meeting
  • Saturday morning, combined (all regions meeting)

In contrast to a traditional, teaching-focused conference, this model affords greater intimacy, relationship-building and hence, more effective discipleship and vision-casting. We’ve noted in recent years that conferences generally yield no more than a 2-4% return; in other words, while pastors may be in agreement with what is being taught, very few actually decide to make tangible ministry changes in accordance with that agreement. Therefore, a conference of 200 pastors will typically yield 4-8 pastors who embrace the vision.

By comparison, in this relational model, we believe a 50% yield is probable, which would result in 20-25 pastors immediately making positive, Kingdom-oriented changes to their ministries.

One challenge for this model is the limited number of sessions. While a traditional conference typically accommodates 5-6 teaching sessions, this model only affords two “teaching” opportunities — one weeknight and one Saturday morning session. Nevertheless, our expectation is that the Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts of these like-minded pastors, who may quickly respond to the vision which we hope to impart.

With regard to that vision, the principal concepts can be summarized as follows:

  • Replacing church-building mindsets and actions with Kingdom-building mindsets and actions
  • Breaking out of cultural and historical traditions and returning to Biblical models
  • Raising up harvest workers and thinking apostolically
  • Uniting with other pastors in these efforts

If this model interests you and the Lord is stirring your pastoral heart for revival in your city/nation, we’d love to hear from you!



  1. Smaller cities and regions might only have one or two meeting nights, instead of four.
  2. If the connecting pastor’s home cannot accommodate a group of this size, another suitable home should be selected.
  3. Meals will be funded by CANOPI.